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Our vision

Sustain a JET design system which empowers us all to create consistent, effective and inclusive products for our users.


To maintain and evolve our single source of truth design system and component libraries for our end users and all JET’s product-focused teams.


What success looks like:


  • Everyone at JET contributes to PIE and understands how our decisions are made.
  • Anyone can give us feedback easily and we will listen.
  • We welcome input at every stage from design to development.


  • We work methodically to ensure our design system is clear and user-friendly.
  • We maximise our flexibility by adopting a modular approach.
  • We give regular, timely progress updates to JET’s product-focused teams.


  • PIE is for everyone: combining accessibility with the best design practices.
  • We design and build with consumers, end users, creatives and engineers in mind.
  • Our output makes our products more intuitive and easy to use.


  • Our designs and components boost the performance of our products.
  • We test and iterate based on JET expertise, research and competitor analysis.
  • We set the bar for all UI development across JET.